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Dr.PGA System 4 Care Range

Dr.PGA MoistCleanser


Dr.PGA MoistCleanser Facial Milk

(Facial Removal) 150ml

Deep Sea Cleansing Milk is a wipe-off (or rinse-off) cleansing milk. The main ingredient is a highly refined mineral oil. Gentle yet removes makeup effortlessly. Dispense an appropriate amount and spread all over your face while massaging with fingers. Rinse or wipe off with paper tissues or cotton ad.

Dr.PGA MoistWash


Dr.PGA MoistWash Facial Milk

(Facial Removal) 150ml

Facial Washing Foam of acidulous amino acid system contains an ingredient of natural coconut oil origin which stores a very high washing effect with fine creamy bubbles. Immacu- late cleansing and removal of grime and dirt which sticks to the skin. Dispense an amount onto palm and lather with water. Rinse off.

Dr.PGA MoistMist


Dr.PGA MoistMist Skin Tonic

(pH Balancer) 150ml

Skin tonig water purifies and refreshes skin with unique coolness. Softens skin struckture and promotes absorbtion of products. 

Spray sparingly onto cleansed face pat gently onto whole face.

Dr.PGA Intence Care Range

Dr.PGA MoistSPF 25


Dr.PGA MoistSPF 25 Sunblock SPF25

(Protect) 30ml

This innovative oxyde-free UV absorber is a aqueous suspention which is micro capsulated. Protects skin against UV Damage. Aply lightly onto intire face.

Dr.PGA MoistPeeling


Dr.PGA Moistpeel Gel Soft Exfoliator

(Intence Peel) 100gm

A natural skin gel exfoliator that removes skin cell effortlessly with Deep Sea Water and Marine Collagen.  Spread gel evenly on cleansed & dry face.Wait one minute befor applying circular movements to remove debis.

Dr.PGA MoistCream



(Intence Moisture) 30gm

An advance formula hydrator that replemishes nutritive moisture enriched with hot spring water and Coezyme 10 to regulate energy consuption of skin cells. Spread a thin layer on cleansed face, massage till fully absorbed.

Dr.PGA MoistVital Cream



(Intence Dehydration) 30gm

This cream is so soft and very spreadable, demonstration an extremly high emullent effect. Take appropriate amount with fingertips and massage in gently. Ideal to use around the delicate eye area.

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Dr.PGA Facial Treatment Range

Dr.PGA PuriMask


Dr.PGA PURIMASK Skin Purifier

(Intence Mask-Purify) 30gm

This deep pore cleansing mask combines of mildly milled clays, pure essecial oils and fruit enzymes to help balance the skins pH, reduce face shine, pore blockage and calms inflamation. 

Spread generous layer amount over entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on 15-20min. and rinse off.

Dr.PGA VitalMask


Dr.PGA VITALMASK Skin Recovery

(Intence Mask-Revitalize) 100gm

This creamy, emollient rich antioxidant and multi-vitamin treament mask is designed to enhance microcirculation, improve dermal regeneration and naturally britens your skin complexion. 

Spread generous layer amount over entire face, avoiding the eye area. Leave on 15-20min. and rinse off.

Dr.PGA Hydrating Mask



(Preventive Mask-Hydro Mask) 6pcs

The unique Dr.PGA Hydration Facial Mask helps the skin look visibly younger immediately!  For Skin Conditions Like : premature aging, wrinkled, dark or dry skin

Application: After cleansing and application of Skin Activator, place the mask carefully on the face and leave it work and penetrate its active substances for 30 to 40 min. Can be combines with Phototherapy application for enhanced and spectacular results. 

Dr.PGA Preventive Care Range

Dr.PGA O2 Spray


Dr.PGA O2 Spray 

(Skin Oxygenating) 150ml

Dr. PGA O2 Spray is made of two vital components: pure oxygen and water and the patented and worlds best skin moisturizing agent ever discovered - γ-PGA. Dr. PGA O2 Spray has been successfully used for skin care purposes by aestheticians to support skin care treatments. 

Dr. PGA O2 Spray  is an effective skin moisturizer for face & body. It also is used as a vitalizer while travelling by plane or by car or anytime you need to boost your energy reserves. Dr. PGA O2 Spray is a pressurized can with 100% pure oxygenated-water. Dr. PGA O2 Spray offers between 10 to 20 times more oxygen than normal water. 

Dr.PGA Lightening Serum


Dr.PGA TIF-C Lightening Serum 

(TIF Tyrosinase Interfere Factor) 15ml

The highest concentrated vitamin-C (L-Ascorbic Acid 30%) in History. 

A functional nucleotide composed by post trascriptional genesilencing technologyto stop tyrosinase from mRNA transcrptionprocessin Melanocyte. 

The  best way to prevent post laser sequela: PHI (Post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation).

Dr.PGA Hydrating Activator



(NMF-Natural Moisturizing Factor) 50ml

This formulation was developed specially to regulate natural moisturizing activities of the skin. Within 28 days the skin begins to optimize it’s own natural moisturizing activities giving the skin a young and fresh look.

γ-PGA has the ability to moisturizing and replenish with visible results. The best treatment for dry and ageing skin!

This formulation also contains a rich complex of Hydrolyzed Protein and other valuable plant extracts supporting the skin retain youthful elasticity and long lasting freshness.

Dr.PGA Cell Renew       Micro Caps



(Epidermal Moisture Retention Factor) 2x 10ml

EGF Cell Renew Micro-Cap is designed for development and maintenance of both the epidermis and dermis. This Product works to slow down skin aging process by giving necessary stimulation and active substances to mature skin. It also helps to inhibit the formation of lines and wrinkles and generally improve skin tone and texture.

With unique rhEGF(500ng/ml) for better and longer stability in formulation!

With evolutional micro-encapsulation technology to prevent rhEGF from degradation!

Unique eye-catching product which you can see the EGF insides!

Dr.PGA EGF Skin        Relight Activator



(EGF-Epidermal Growth Factor) 50ml

EGF Cell Renew Micro Caps is designed for development and maintainance of dermis and epidermis. This product works to slow down skin aging process by giving necessary stimulation and active substances to mature skin.

Skin Relight Activator is formulated with rhEGF, Hematite extract, Fucus vesiculosus extract, tuber aestivum extract and other active ingredients. 

This unique formula can function as important co-enzymes in skin revitalization process. 

It can perfectly work in coordination with EGF to rejuvenate aging skin and efficiently bring back the resilience and tone to mature skin. Non-oily texture. Easy to be absorbed by the skin.

Dr.PGA Water Coating
Sun Block



(SPF-Sun Protection Factor) 50ml

The sunscreen mixture is encapsulated in w/o/w double sphere system, which will stablize the oily chemical sunscreen and make it into an aqueous dispersion. It can not only prevent the uneven protection and lower SPF caused by particle aggregation, but also make this product a safer, more stable and non-irritanting sun block which doesn`t get absorbed into the skin.


Aqueous dispersion for easier formulation, compatible with most skin care formula.

Fully replaces traditional chemical sunscreen.

Forms a thin layer of water resistant UV protection shield upon skin.