Dr.PGA Cosmetics

Super Hydration for dry & dull looking skin

Technical Details about Dr.PGA Cosmetics

What is γ-PGA

γ-PGA is the main content of Dr.PGA Products. γ-PGA is a fermented soy bean extract of Natto Gum. γ-PGA moisturizes the layer of skin increasing the skin’s natural moisturizing factors. γ-PGA also supports active cosmetic ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin! γ-PGA is an Ideal carrier substance.

Target Groups

Dr.PGA products for BEAUTY, SKIN CARE & WELLNESS are developed for Dermatologists, Cosmetic Salons, Wellness-institutes, Beauty Farms and Spas.


Dr.PGA products are successfully used for the following applications:

  • General Skin Care
  • Anti Ageing
  • Dry Skin

Revolutionary Skin Care Technology

Dr. PGA Super Hydration Products are the best on the planet with no competition. These unique cosmetic products support the natural functions of the skin.

By doing so, the natural moisturizing factor of the skin is supported and regulated, the skin receives better elasticity and allows, due to optimally moist skin, that essential oxygen is absorbed on the surface of the skin and provided to the cells in the stratum corneum (top layer of the skin).

Dr.PGA - Skin Super Moisturizing of  a new kind!

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